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some nobody made a post about me on PULL. Its lol +


Is the person who made the post. A girl I’ve never even talked to?

Man oh man I gotta start lurking PULL.

But it’s like who has the time or the energy to sift through 9000 boring posts with boring responses and asskissing?  It’s either asskissing or straight up crazytown super criticizing analyzing the dumbest shit.  It’s basically like Guru Gossip tbh.

- S

Yeah basically. I lurked a little since I had a membership and they had some good posts. Like one out of 25 pages tbh

Word ^^^^

July 25 (17)

Faerie lock?



What is a faerie lock? I looked up the tag in Instagram but there were no posts but Ember’s, and no posts in the Tumblr tag. Is it something she’s made up again? I tried ‘fairy lock’ but that’s a Pokémon move apparently.

A fairy/elf lock is just a knot in your hair that forms…

July 25 (9)
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Bitch u lie


July 25 (694)
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What do you call someone who is obsessed with the moon

a lunatic

I laughed out loud and maybe some of y’all will too :)

July 25 (336656)
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cigs-n-sunflowers inquired:
just because felice isnt on tumblr anymore doesnt mean you should find someone new to attack. "just saying."

July 25 (2)




if you have a problem with me using popular tags on my selfies, mute me.

don’t come to me complaining about it.

my tumblr, my tags.

if i get banned, i’ll make a new tumblr? lol

i don’t need your drama.

You don’t want the drama but yet by tagging your pictures in the tag, you know you’re welcoming that type of attention right? Just saying.


Boy, are you cool. You know what? Get the fuck over the “hate” you get then. You bought this on yourself and now you deal with the consequences. I was going to be amicable but if you’re going to just be a little dick about it and not read what I said, fine be that way. ^_^*~

July 25 (20)


Been sat here for five minutes trying to think of something snarky but like do I even have to say anything???

I love it when Felice hates on things she does literally ALL THE TIME.

- S

July 25 (11)
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